APP Product Analysis Quark Browser, Better Search

This article is a product analysis report of Quark Browser, which mainly includes these five points: market analysis, user analysis, product
function architecture and business analysis, core function analysis and page analysis, and profit model.

Preliminary evaluation of experience

  • As well as search for the information you need, the search results are reliable and there are no advertisements, you don’t have to worry about entering the advertisement page by mistake, you can browse the search results with confidence;
  • Directly to the page, there are many Switzerland Phone Number included, you can play mini games, check the weather, learn cold knowledge, check hot searches, daily movie recommendations, photo search questions, quark translation, AI ghost stories, etc., everything.
  • As well as has many intelligent functions and strong interactivity. It can chat with AI intelligent baby to query information, etc., similar to Siri.

Visual style

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First experience: (The product details design will be detailed in the description of the page below)


  • As well as visual style design is similar to the Chrome browser. The main interface Logo, search/address box, quick navigation tabs, and bottom navigation are lined up from top to bottom. In addition, there is no other unnecessary information
    that causes too much visual interference. .
  • The tab management, menu and quick navigation editing pages also use the card stacking effect, which is light and flexible.
  • In the process of scrolling through the web page, the back button and the web page title bar are placed in the bottom navigation bar, leaving enough space for the web page content to be displayed.


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