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At this point, the natural sapphire company was being contacted by a number of reputation management companies. And they were considering entering into contracts with brandAs part of its attempt to win arnstein’s cases, he says. Brand.Com’s Legal department” informed him that since its court order ordered transpacific services to

Remove all such false reviews, including but not

Limited to…” listed urls, the wording “not limited to” allowed the court order to be expanded to include other similar defamatory urls. They told him he could Macedonia Phone Number simply add the additional urls to the court order himself for resubmission to google. Arnstein later agreed to contract some of his marketing services. (brand.Com is no longer in businessAs a result of this conversation, michael arnstein had

One of his employees use photoshop to

make a copy of the original court order and edit it to add other urls. He subsequently submitted these amended court orders to google as new url removal requestsMichael then amended the document several times when new urls were discovered with defamatory material. As well as for urls that google had not removed from previous request lists. And he resubmitted takedown requests several times.Meanwhile, google staff who reviewed. The removal requests noticed that the court orders looked strikingly similar. And they checked with the court to verify that they were made in good faith.

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When google discovered that there were no officially amended court orders. They contacted the us department of justice and alerted them that they had discovered bogus court orders.In the spring of that year, u.S. Marshals arrested michael arnstein. And he was charged with forging a federal judge’s signature and conspiring to forge a judge’s signature.In a september plea arrangement, arnstein pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to forge a federal judge’s signature, and he awaits sentencing in early 2018. For his plea deal. prosecutors should advise him to leave. Jailed for 12 to 18 months and fined $55,000.Online reputation victims are largely unprotectedUnfortunately. I have seen a number of instances of online reputation attacks similar to what the natural sapphire company has experienced, but on a smaller scale.Generally speaking,

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