Being called by the leader to brainstorm every day

This is a “crash” scenario that many professionals have experienced. It wastes time, has low meeting efficiency and low output. In the end, it leaves a bad impression on the boss that they are not thinking and creative. How does the operation dog turn the situation around and facilitate a period of efficient brainstorming?

The role of brainstorming

Why is brainstorming widely used by enterprises? What is the effect?

We often say: “Three cobblers are better than one Zhuge Liang.” Brainstorming is used frequently, precisely because it can learn from each New Zealand Mobile Number other’s strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrate the strength and value of the team. Through the brainstorming meeting.

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The definition of brainstorming

So, what exactly is brainstorming?

Brainstorming method (English Brain Storming, BS method), also known as intellectual stimulation method, free thinking method, was first proposed by American creative scientist AF Osborn in 1939.

The purpose of brainstorming is to collect ideas. It usually gathers people with relevant scientific research ability and knowledge literacy to form a group for brainstorming


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