But They Don’t Even Have to Go to the Store Belgium Phone Number

listYou also need to get creative with how you advertise on your page if you want people to engage with it.

User-generated content, or UGC, is a hit on Instagram. Simply because it’s easy for brands to share user-posted content to their own feed and stories.

And also because it sheds a great light on the brand.

If a consumer posts and tags a business or uses a relevant hashtag, it reflects the popularity of the brand.

And what better way to take advantage Belgium Phone Number of that than reposting that content on your own feed?

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Instagram Shop Items
If you use Instagram Shop, you offer your consumers an in-app shopping experience.


You can tag products you’ve already uploaded to Facebook Catalog Manager in an image post to your Instagram feed.

And not just a product. You can opt for an Instagram product tag for multiple products in a single post!

It’s right up there with the BEST Instagram post ideas because it shows off your product AND gives interested consumers an easy way to buy it!

Here is an example of this feature being used by a brand in MANY posts:

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Clicking on the first image in this screenshot will take you to this page with product details in the article:

instagram ideas

So there are two types of testimonials you can consider when coming up with feed ideas.

There’s the indirect type, which can take the form of user-generated content that involves a consumer reviewing/praising a product or service.

But you can also go the other route and do it yourself.

You can ask consumers to send their testimonials along with photos along with the product or service. You can also create video testimonials to give it a more professional touch.

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Most of your consumers are interested in more than your products and services –

Today, the business journey also matters to consumers.

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