Decoding BEM Strategy: Good Strategy Requires Good Execution

This is the part on the left, and on the right is the export of key tasks, specifically, strategy decoding, which includes key indicators from business design to everyone to determine.

Why does strategy need to be decoded?

BLM is a strategic methodology, but after the organizational strategy and goals are determined, the more important thing is the implementation system, including the budget system, organizational design, performance incentives, etc.

Strategy must be combined with execution in order to be truly persuasive, that is to say, the work plan and performance plan after strategy decoding must be executable, which is the core standard for measuring the level of strategy decoding and strategic management.

Having strong strategic execution is the ideal of a company, but according to a survey conducted by Fortune magazine: only 10% of corporate Afghanistan Phone Number strategies are effectively executed.

For any enterprise, strategies are implemented and implemented by people. And people work together through a combination of large or small teams.

Two, several commonly used decoding methods

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1. BSC Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Score Card “BSC” (Balanced Score Card) is derived from the research of a performance evaluation system by Harvard professors and consultants. After nearly 20 years of development. It has become a tool for corporate strategic management and a problem-solving tool. way of thinking.

BSC is a top-down vertical decomposition of the strategy based on the organizational structure from the four levels of finance, customers, internal processes. And learning and growth under the guidance of strategic goals.

At the same time. We can find out the shortcomings and key improvement points of the company’s operation from four dimensions. Which can be used as an important input for key strategic measures to continuously promote the implementation of the strategy. And the healthy and orderly development of the company.

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