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How do HTML tags work? Most web pages have several different HTML pages. For example, a home page, a product page, a contact page, etc. Each of these has separate HTML. HTML documents are files that end with .html or .htm . A browser reads the file and displays its content for Internet users to see. As we have mentioned before, all HTML pages contain a series of HTML elements that, at the same time, have different tags and attributes. That is, HTML elements are the building blocks of a web page. A label contains a lot of information. It tells the browser where each element begins and ends, while an attribute describes the features. HTML elements are usually divided into three parts. This combination of the three creates an HTML element. Opening tag: It is used to indicate where an element begins. It is wrapped in opening and closing bracket.


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Part of an HTML element are the attributes. These have two sections: Name: The name identifies the additional information that a user wants to add. Attribute value: Gives more details than the previous one. What are the basic HTML tags? There are a series of tags that are the most used to Lithuania Phone Number create any HTML document, we explain them below: <body> for the content <head> for information about the document <div> division within content <a> for links <strong> to make the text bold <br> for line breaks <H1> … <H6> for titles within the content <img> to add images to the document <ol> for ordered lists, <ul> for unordered lists, <li> for elements within the list .


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The HTML document is where we can indicate the metadata: document title, style sheets, javaScript , CSS… <div> </div> An element that is mostly used to group other elements and act as a template for other controls. The <div> tag helps us structure the document into sections. <a> </a> It is a tag that helps us to create a link to a web page. The main attribute of the HTML tag is href, where we will put the link we want to connect to. Another widely used attribute is target, which is used to indicate whether the link will open in a new window or in the same one.

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