Explain the design routine of e-commerce product detail page in detail

In the commercial app. You can also send a list of products so that the purchase can be made without leaving the conversation. As far as payment is concerned. The platform itself has support for direct payments in conversation. To do this. Simply add your bank details to your business account. How to download whatsapp business? There are three ways to use the app: mobile. Pc and in the web browser. On mobile. Whether ios or android. Go to the app market and search for the app name. The icon is different in that there is no phone drawn on it. But rather a letter b . After installing it. You will be asked to read and accept the terms of service. After accepting and continuing. There is the option to use the number that is already registered in the personal version of whatsapp on the cell phone. In this initial configuration.

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It will even be possible to migrate conversations to Turkey Mobile Number your new business account. For desktop. The platform is available for windows and mac. Go to the website and click the button to download it to your computer. Depending on the operating system. Download. Click to run it and follow the information requested by the installer. To use the web browser. Just access the website and you will see the qr code that must be scanned by your phone. From then on. The site itself enters automatically. How to create an account for your business on whatsapp business? To create an account from scratch after being able to access whatsapp is simple. Just enter your contact. As we talked about earlier. They will send you a temporary password to verify the authenticity of the information. Enter the password and confirm.

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In fact. The proprietary brand. Therefore. Official accounts count the green icon shown next to the brand name. In the header of conversations. How to have a verified account on whatsapp for business? Account verification is done by whatsapp itself on a voluntary basis. However. You can request account review on whatsapp’s facebook business page so it becomes verified — but it’s important to know that there’s no guarantee that you’ll be verified. How to use whatsapp business? You already understand that the app has several facilitating features for those who manage brand communication. However. How to access each of the functions? New group did you know that it is possible to create groups in your business account?

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