From a step-by-step bank to a strong-paced Ali, my growth is amazing!

It is true that even if I look back today  after leaving Sweden Phone Number the bank for a year, for a girl who has entered the bank headquarters after graduation, has a stable job and a good salary, it does not look bad, even quite good.

However, once I left, I vaguely felt that the good drama had just begun. And a sleeping girl began to wake up.

Having said that, I have to say why I left?

02 Why did I leave the bank

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As described at the beginning of the story just now, in such a stable environment as a bank. I can see my retirement job at a glance, looking forward to a step-by-step upgrade, and. I have never left since graduation.

However, the plans couldn’t keep up with the changes, and I got pregnant unexpectedly in 2017, of course after marriage. As a result, I got a B- in the assessment that year. But it takes 2 Bs to be promoted to the next level. If I get a B-, it means that I have to wait for another 2 years.

Looking at the colleagues who have switched jobs around, they are about the same age as me. But they are all one level higher than me. Originally, it was just right for me to go up one level. In this way, in the past two years, how could I endure this kind of uselessness and humiliation in my heart.

So while I was sad, I updated my resume on the job search app, and soon I received several offers, one of which was from Ali.

So, I left my comfort zone and bravely went to Ali.


I always seem to be the kind of person who always struggles to find a change after thinking hard about a situation when it’s so bad and lagging behind everyone else. The good thing is that I can always fight back, never compromise or accept what makes me uncomfortable, and succeed. The bad thing is, why do I always have to fight back in the Jedi?

03 Joined a new company with an uneasy heart

Before entering Ali, I asked several former colleagues who joined Ali, and found that they were not very smooth, and several even left before a year. For me with a baby who is only 5 months old, can I survive successfully when I join an Internet company like Ali under this circumstance? This was the only consideration and expectation I had before joining the company.

In such a state of apprehension, I joined the job.

The complex environment that emerged after joining the job was still beyond my expectations. It turned out that my base is in Shanghai, but the base is in Hangzhou, the business is in Hangzhou, the technology is in Hangzhou, and the boss is in Hangzhou. And I’m a product manager, and as a result, I can only travel every week, gritting my teeth.

While breastfeeding at the time, I wanted to take care of my baby who was only a few months old. So, I often go back and forth on the same day – get up at 5 o’clock every day, catch the train, go to the Hangzhou office at 9:30, then take the train back to Shanghai at 10 o’clock in the evening, get home at 12 o’clock, and go to bed at 2 o’clock. The next day, I got up at 5 o’clock and cycled again, and then I had to carry milk every day, with thoughts of my baby. During that time, I was a little tired.

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