Types of Upselling

Types of upselling

So, what allows you to raise the amount of the check (invoice, sales) for a particular buyer. First of all, a clear understanding of which type of upsell will not turn the buyer away from the purchase (will not look like “pushing in”), will help him make the right choice and, thereby, simplify the sale and make it as profitable as possible for the seller:

  1. other sales;
  2. cross sale
  3. Add-On Sale (additional sale);
  4. on-pack;
  5. overfill;
  6. Solution selling

Will try to define each type, analyze in detail and give example

Other sales(oversale) – switching to another, selling a similar product or service, the price of which is higher than initially chosen by the buyer. often the buyer, having made his choice, does not take into account the additional benefits and advantages received with the purchase of another product. For example, a buyer’s choice of a cheap air conditioner model may require the seller to adjust the selection because the model may not match the volume of the air-conditioned room. It is worth noting that oversail is basically a “switch”. It is also used in the case when the seller cannot make an offer that is 100% satisfying to the client. They switch buyers: when there is no product, when there is a higher margin sale, when the warehouse is overstocked and the need for a saln this case, oversale is a subspecies of the mechanics of increasing the transaction amount.

Cross sale
(crosssale) – cross-sales of goods or services from other categories, supply of another self-sufficient product from another product category not related to the Belarus Phone Number product (to the chain-link sect – a profiled pipe for poles).

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Add-On Sale

  • additional sale of accessories, spare parts and consumables (sale of a set of car wheels – a set of “secret” bolts);
  • resale of another product from the same product category, supplementing or expanding the functionality of the main one (steamer nozzle – for the iron).

Drawing the attention of the buyer to the desirability, in his case, of buying an additional product in addition to the main one, allows you to better satisfy his needs, increase loyalty, than increase the likelihood of both this sale and repeat sales. Naturally, such satisfaction of the buyer will help to increase. The amount of the check (invoice) and the final revenue of the seller. Upselling is a fairly common up-sale mechanic .

Han  the sale of a larger volume of goods or the. Number of pieces of goods for the benefit of the buyer (instead of two kilograms – three, but at a discount). A popular variation on this upsell mechanic is the. Twin pack”- a variation of the main product, but in the form of a package of 2 identical products. The seller’s offer: “buy two, I’ll give you an additional discount” – this is the upsale option.


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