How have GoDaddy customers managed to reinvent their businesses

We all know (or have seen firsthand) the problems arising from the appearance of the coronavirus covid-19. We are not talking about the health issue. Which is still in the process of understanding the problem and finding a solution. But what is it producing economically and at the level of people. Through instructions of social distance and confinement until the governments allow them to return to the streets progressively. Some companies have found that they had no way to reinvent and transform. And have decided to close for good.

In other cases. Many businesses have been forced to Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers temporarily close until they can resume their activity. Whether in the industrial sector or in the hospitality industry. Without a doubt one of the most affected in spain.
Recently. With the help of the webinar starring esperanza hernández . We analyzed the best ways to give a business a twist through the creation of a web page. Adding extra value to the products and services offered and how to work on positioning seo.

What have several of our

Clients done to reinvent and transform their businesses?
Analyzing the pros and cons. Those people who have been able to keep their business active by law have pondered whether it compensated them or not. And what ways they have to be able to carry out their activity trying to minimize the impact on their income and expenses.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers

In this article we want to show you some examples of godaddy customers who have managed to reinvent their business and have taken advantage of the situation to exploit their business to maintain or increase their income.

Mama pottery: online classes and home delivery

In the summer of 2019. Marina garcía opened. Together with another partner mama pottery. A ceramics workshop with which she was able to turn her passion into her job. Whose central idea was to give face-to-face workshops for parents and children. But which ended up increasing her portfolio of clients to groups of friends. Workshops with guests who proposed knitting sessions. Bonsai. Healthy talks. Pottery and wine sessions. Etc.


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