How Much Does a CMO Director of Marketing Make?

Today it is possible to say that companies that invest. In digital marketing can no longer survive without a good marketing. Automation service or they would possibly work “blind”, running the risk of having their messages. Ignored if they are directed at the wrong audience.

The CMO, as someone trained to identify and understand new. Market trends and create appropriate strategies. Is as essential to the operation of a UAE Phone Number company as the customers themselves.

According to the Love Mondays survey . The average salary for the position of Marketing Director is MXN $31,384 per month (or approximately US$1,660), with. The minimum recorded being MXN $2,135 (US$113) and the maximum being MXN $117,447 (US$6,214). ) .

What is the necessary qualification for a CMO / Chief Marketing Officer?

  • Marketing degree or similar experience in other jobs;
  • Be a veteran in marketing , with experience in campaigns of various media (blogs, social networks, etc.);
  • Be an expert in the concepts and strategies of Content Marketing , thoroughly understanding optimization and the stages of the marketing funnel;
  • Have experience in leadership roles ;
  • Have the ability to interpret data, using that information to optimize the work of the marketing team;
  • Certification in content marketing.
  • Optimal verbal and written communication;
  • Being guided by a creative intuition ;
  • Ability to analyze data , display reports, results and make optimizations based on the data collected ;
  • Development in leadership roles, being able to manage and inspire a diverse team;
  • Master project management tools, to ensure that all campaigns are delivered on time, with guaranteed quality and without delays.
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As we have said, today the CMO plays an extremely important role in the strategy of any company. It is responsible for the organization’s image, directly impacting sales and business success.

Therefore, it is important to be quite cautious when hiring that professional. Without proper care, you may end up failing to attract and select the ideal candidate.

With this in mind, we have prepared for you a model vacancy announcement and a pre-interview task to be requested for candidates. In addition, you will find the questions that must be asked in the selection process.

Vacancy description template


JOB DESCRIPTION: The CMO will lead a team tasked with generating demand and optimizing the marketing funnel and will report directly to the CEO.

You will use Content Marketing strategies, such as SEO, social networks, landing page conversion, payment methods and e-mail marketing to grow our database and the number of clients or consumers.

His role is also to take care of the visibility and credibility of the organization, guiding the team to create campaigns and actions that impact sales and build our brand.

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