I was working as a freelance blogger, paying for my college education

Seven years ago, as a naïve content marketer with more Sweden Phone Number enthusiasm on my resume than actual experience, something happened that bothered me for years. I was working as a  freelance blogger, paying for my college education. A typical morning consisted of writing, publishing and scheduling social media content and blog posts for clients. My weekend had been relaxing and my Monday morning coffee was just about perfect.

Then it happened. Someone said they hated my blog post. What was even worse? They said I couldn’t write worth a lick. I was stunned. Shocked. Discouraged.

This surprised me so much that I couldn’t even formulate an answer.

Play cool

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Every time I read a negative comment, a bad review, or an insulting remark, I take a long, deep breath and read it again.

The temptation is to respond immediately to  counter all the horrible things displayed publicly. Responding in the heat of the moment always makes things worse.

Take time to think about your answer and don’t jump to conclusions. First, consider the context of the complaint, then formulate a response. If you’re good at humorous writing (or have a colleague who is), use it to your advantage. Responding with genuine humor is one of the best ways to defuse a tense situation. In the same way that a smile relieves tension in face-to-face encounters, tasteful humor can turn a bad situation into a good one.

Respond to a negative comment with genuine humor to defuse a tense situation, says  BArailrunner. #socialmedia Click to tweet
That’s exactly what Sainsbury’s did when it turned a customer’s clever but frustrated tweet into a viral brand victory.

Understand your responsibility

It’s easy to think that your first response responsibility is damage control that appeases the commenter. Although you absolutely need to resolve the situation, your first responsibility is to your audience and your brand .

Let me clarify. Your target audience only includes people who are likely to become paying customers and brand advocates. In other words, focus on people who are likely to become qualified leads.

If the commenter isn’t part of your target market, don’t go overboard to appease them . Instead, address the issue and showcase your brand personality.
If a negative commenter isn’t in your target market, don’t go overboard to appease them, says BArailrunner. Click to tweet
Everlane recorded a win after sharing a classy but fun response to a blunt customer complaint on Instagram.

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