Meet the New Unbounce Community—A Space to Connect, Learn, and Grow Smarter

We earthlings are always searching for a sense of belonging. That’s right, even in marketing. Who knew?

Whether you’re new to a marketing role, still getting your foot through the door, or a master of the game—the forever-changing nature of the marketing world can get downright exhausting and, at worst, lonely.

No matter how you slice it, we’re all looking for connection. Community is like the peanut butter to your Nutella toast. It opens up a whole new dimension to your business (and life) while providing a texture that enhances the quality of what your customers experience.

Here at Unbounce, we’re walking the walk. So we thought to ourselves: What if we made a new and totally rockin’ version of our community?

When *communities* collide—get it?

And so, the new and improved Unbounce Community was born. [Cue the fog machine.] A marketing resource to connect, grow, and build your business together.

But first, let’s get into community, its value, and why you should embrace it too. Shall we?

Why It’s Time to Make Friends with Your Community

It’s a tale as old as time. Businesses have been treating the concept of community as an afterthought—just read the 2022 Community-Led Report to get the idea. For decades—nay, centuries—community was just not given the attention or budget it needed to thrive, robbing organizations of its positive impact. (We know, an irredeemable crime).

  • Word of mouth, anyone? This powerful marketing tactic influences 99% of all B2B purchases—and can work in line with a community, too. When people hear about the community before hearing the brand, then you know that your magic potion is working overtime. Not to mention, you can be merely a part of a community and have your brand get recognition and benefit from word of mouth marketing because of the members of that community. Yup, it works in every layer.
  • Feeling ownership towards communities you join. Being a part of something that’s not entirely your own, but feeling like it belongs to you. By sharing your own experiences, and in turn learning from fellow community members, your customers and your team only stand to benefit from the knowledge you’ll bring home to your own business.
  • Your team gaining awesome product insights that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Who even needs Little Finger to stack the odds in your favor when you have a community?
  • Increased engagement all around. Studies show that community members are 54% more likely than non-community members to engage with your company and convert. Heck, even 20% overall growth of your business isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Just think: a place to up your marketing know-how, connect, share ideas, and build your business with the help of others. Sounds pretty good, right?

So We Made Our Community Even Stronger—Meet The New and Improved Unbounce Community

That’s right: We doubled down on our commitment to community. And then some.

Think Steve Rogers after getting injected with the top-secret serum. He was a pretty decent guy before, but now he’s Captain America. And that’s exactly how we think of the new Unbounce Community.

We still have years of supporting our customers as the backbone and foundation for the platform—our previous community has been active for over a decade with around 20,000 members to show for it! It was a great place to discuss all things Unbounce Classic. But with Conversion Intelligence entering the game, we decided to level up for an even more interactive community.

New features like sub-group interactions, events, gamification, customer and product feedback, and thought leadership content are just the tip of this iceberg. Amanda Martin, Unbounce Head of Community, emphasizes that interactivity is built into every aspect of the new platform. “Community members can Pakistan Mobile Number  earn points and badges, and move up the leaderboard to new ranks,” she adds.

All About That Value—a Marketing Universe at Your Fingertips 

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We’ve designed this new central hub for people anywhere in their marketing journey. Maybe you’re trying to build your business. Or you’re looking for fresh connections to feel inspired. Maybe you’re simply looking for like-minded individuals who are on the same growth mindset you’re on. The Unbounce Community has it all.

If you’re looking to build your business: 

  • Get access to thought leadership content that will knock your socks off.
  • Ask questions and learn from marketing professionals and business owners within your reach in this mega-connected community. It’s like using Google, except you have real experts, with real-world experience talking back to you.
  • Read and learn about any marketing topic under the sun, and hear from real people with real experiences. Connect with individuals whose knowledge you’re craving and give back a little knowledge of your own in return. The great thing about this community is that you can give and take.

But best of all, you can achieve all these goals together. A network where you can discuss marketing trends, share best practices, and get your creative juices flowing.

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