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What are the benefits of software as a service? Using saas can bring many benefits to a business and also to customers. Some of them are: low cost for the user the customer who purchases software as a service does not need to purchase anything other than their subscription. That is. He will not have expenses with licenses and special infrastructure to have that tool. More accessibility another advantage of not needing to have a specific device to install the software is that people can access the tool from anywhere. As long as they have internet access. In addition. Many of the companies that offer this service allow more than one person to use the platform simultaneously — depending on the plan — making that solution even more accessible. Greater customization because of its ease.

Saas also offers greater customization for each customer. For example. It is possible to change plans. Increase or decrease available features according to the preference of each consumer. Automatic updates another advantage of saas is the software update. Which is performed automatically. Making this task much easier and faster. Therefore. The user will not need to do this update manually. With this. There is no need for a technician or a developer to do this update. This even guarantees a better experience for those who use the service. As they will have access to the latest version. And you already know. The better the user experience. The easier it is to retain them . Integrations with other systems most saas providers make their api available so that other devices can be integrated with it.

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Api is an acronym that stands for “application programming interface”. It is a resource that enables technology professionals to use its resources associated with other Hungary Phone Number platforms. Allowing this integration. More security another advantage is with regard to data security. As it is a tool that does not store information on a device or a computer. In case of loss or theft of this equipment. The data is not lost. What are the saas sales models? Now. You have understood what saas is. How this model works and what are its advantages. In this topic. We will cover some of the main saas sales and billing models. Presenting a series of characteristics of each of them: freemium this is an aspect of saas that allows the user to use some tools of the platform in question.

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So that he can try out some features for free. Freemium works by showing an overview of the main activities available. The objective is to offer a free trial. So that this interaction evolves into a premium. Paid access. With which the consumer can have more features of the service. Free trial the free trial works in a similar way. With a free trial of the service offered. However. The user will have free access to most (if not all) of the functionality of that system . In this case. There will generally be a time limitation for using the platform. Self service in the self-service model. A page is presented. Which contains all plans and their attributions. Thus. The navigator will be able to read and choose which is the package that best suits him.

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It is important to emphasize that this page needs to be clear. Objective and organized . So that the user can easily understand the characteristics of each plan. The values and the differences between them. Inside sales to practice this type of sale. It is necessary to have a professional dedicated to contacting the potential customer. Explaining the solution. Understanding what their needs are and indicating a plan that is suitable. Inside sales is a closer and more personalized approach. It is widely used for business-to-business (b2b) sales. Field sales like inside sales. Field sales is also a personalized approach that takes place through contact with the commercial professional. Who will seek to understand the customer’s needs and show them the best solution.


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