Open Cart Review: A Free Open Source Platform for Seasoned Developers

OpenCart Review: Our Favorite

Combine extensions with powerful code access and Algeria Mobile Number you have a solid package for customizing your site. In short, developers will find OpenCart incredible that they can build any type of site they want without too many restrictions. In addition to this, business people are able to scale their business faster rather than sticking to a platform with only a few themes, add-ons and coding options.

We also like the fact that the dashboard is simple enough for most users to understand.  There is no doubt some development knowledge when building a website with OpenCart, but at least anyone can move around the dashboard and understand its capabilities without much training.

OpenCart review: what we don’t like

While many see it as a benefit, some extensions can Algeria Mobile Number be annoying.  The main reason for this is if you’re more interested in a full package out of the box.  OpenCart is not that package.  It’s actually pretty lightweight, which means you’ ll either have to write your own custom code or figure out a combination or extension to get your site to its full potential.  So you may have to pay for multiple extensions along the way.

Another worrying fact is that you usually need development knowledge to make OpenCart work for you. The good news is that the Internet is littered with information to learn about . You can also find many easy-to-use extensions, blog posts, documentation, and webinars to guide you through the OpenCart world. However, the average OpenCart user will be proficient in PHP and other programming languages. As a result, beginners and even intermediate developers may have difficulty trying to configure a website and scale it quickly.

Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

OpenCart Review: Best Features

When browsing the admin area, storefront, and Algeria Mobile Number design modules, it’s easy to pick out some of the best features in OpenCart.  The core software is lightweight, so we’re not talking about a gigantic feature list.  However, this extended market is where you can really find the good stuff.

Finally, this is an open-source, self-hosted platform. While this gives you more control over your website, there are many tasks you have to do yourself. For example, over time you need to go out and find your own hosting and manage your website. Also, OpenCart doesn’t have much direct customer support, so you’ll need to do your own research, browse the documentation, and chat with other users in the forums.


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