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Must send all the content before starting work. Of course. There are clients who are not prepared to give you what you need or have the knowledge to do so. In these cases. I usually charge an extra for content marketing . Do not worry if you are not an expert in creating content. There are thousands of resources on the internet that can be useful if you get stuck. Some advices… check out these tricks you can use to make it easier to get the content you need from your client. Invite your client to see the project management software and stop communicating via email.

Create the tasks required to create the content and assign them to your client. For this purpose i usually use asana . Image of the main page of asana. One of the software used by every web design company on the market give everything chewed to your client so that they only have to fill in the blanks. You can use google forms. From a simple form to preparing more complex questions. Looking for your client to answer what content they want to publish on their website. For example. If they want to upload content related to their team.

You’ll Create A  Them To Send

You pictures and a biography of each member. If you Ivory Coast Phone Number want to give a more elegant touch. You can install the advanced custom fields plugin to manage the content you put in wordpress. In addition. You have the option of using an extension such as advanced forms so that the client directly uploads the content to their website. Of course. This should be done in a test environment. Never in production. To avoid being seen in public. Whatever your approach. The easiest thing is for your client to give you the content in the format you need.

Ivory Coast Phone Number

The last thing you want is an endless email chain to send a simple picture of the ceo for the “team” page. Just because he has a new look and doesn’t like the old photo. Be sure to tell your client that the longer it takes to give you the files. The higher the chances of not delivering the project on time. If your client completely disappears without providing any content. Feel free to charge them an additional fee for each week of material delivery delay.

Prevent Project Delivery

From being extended design a good prototype of your client’s website to close the deal as soon as possible as i said before. One of the fastest ways to lose profitability in any project is not knowing how to manage the expectations of your clients. When a client begins to see how their website gradually comes to life on the web. They usually ask questions about some features and functionalities that they had not previously commented on and they come to light. “what happens when my clients come in and check their invoice history?” they ask innocently. There you ask yourself “which clients? What customer area? What invoice history?


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