You Can See a Complete Backlink Profile Starting From

Rank tracker
rank tracker is a feature to track the ranking of your desktop and mobile keywords from various locations anywhere.

So that it is easier for you to understand because this feature presents data in the form of graphics that are easy to understand.

How to analyze competitor backlinks with ahrefs
how to analyze competitor backlinks
how to analyze competitor backlinks
the uniqueness of this ahrefs seo tool is that you can analyze your competitors’ backlinks so you can imitate them or carry out various strategies so that you don’t lose out on your competitors.

Here’s an ahrefs guide that you can use to analyze competitor backlinks with ahrefs.

1. Sign up for premium features
before using this feature freely, you can purchase this tool in the premium version.

Even though it is paid, but if you get features that can help the development of your website’s seo, of course there is no harm in trying it.

Luckily, ahrefs provides a 7-day trial Greece Phone Number for $7, meaning you only need to pay $1 per day for 7 days. Of course this affordable trial price, so you can try to feel the benefits of using the premium ahrefs feature before you decide to subscribe.

2. Analysis of backlink profile

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once you have a premium ahrefs account, you can collect competitor websites for analysis on their backlink profiles.

You can do a search on google to find the keywords you are after.

3. Optimization of site explorer features
now that you have your targeted keywords, you will get some references to websites that use those keywords. You can try to copy the url, then enter the site explorer feature that has been provided by ahrefs. Then, paste the url of the website

after that, you can see a complete backlink profile starting from the total number of backlinks, the number of referring domains, namely the total number of referring domains/websites, the number of organic keywords (the total number of keywords in the serp) to the total number of shares on social media.


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