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Duke on november. 21, 2015 at 3:04 pm in your case it is not. essential, because your. readers do not. move on facebook. either. But… network is. the main. one? I’m afraid he will have no choice. A fat bikini ;d answer ana gonzalez duke ana. gonzalez duke. on november 21, 2015 at 3:06 pm in other. words, a marvelous cocoa. , an author page on facebook (where you include the. contents. of the blog), a single twitter account (the one for a writer, in which your content. as a blogger also goes) and a professional answer.

Novembe Egypt Phone Numbers  pm very interesting article. It confirms what. I intuited in my ignorance. I would only add .that another. thing. that can be done is, apart from the page, to have a specific  .writer profile, apart .from the personal one, to be able to .participate in other groups as a writer, since the. pages have .this function limited. All the best. Answer ana gonzalez. duke ana gonzalez duke on november 24, 2015 at 9:01 pm my experience .with groups is pretty bad – they end up being. a constant source of spam, so I avoid them like the.

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Plague, but yes, it’s an .option. Thank you very much for the isa isa on april 11, 2016 at 3:43 pm thanks for the information, let’s see if I can apply the migration. Answer muriel dalbo muriel dalbo on july 28, 2016 at 9:34 pm hi ana. I’m a vintage fashion photographer and designer. apart from “This writing”, so I have an important cocoa with. online visibility, since all my work branches are absolutely. freelance and creative. This. makes me very divided, and in the end not being able to be aware of anything. I have separate blogs for .

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Everything on blogger (like 7), but none. have ever been followed. I have an account. on twitter, tumblr, instagram, (general) and on 500px, behance. and litmind as a. photographer. I have an account on pinterest (a little bit of. everything. And a little. bit of everything) and a personal. profile on facebook apart. from my. “pro” pages with. the fashion .firm, the photography. firm and. one for multidisciplinary. Art where I try to integrate. everything in english. and a little more. international way. I have 900 followers .in the photo one, 2600 in the .

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Design one, and .500 in the art one, but where. I have the most followers is on my. personal profile, with 3,600 additions and 500 followers… All this. is infinite cocoa, and now that I have the intention of launching my. literary project, I’m not feeling my feet. a bit. My question after all this prelude is: what makes one have more followers on the personal. profile and get added more often than. on the pro pages? How could you simplify it? Is it feasible to bring things together in some way in the age of specialization? A teacher of a marketing course

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