The proliferation of exhibition technology during the epidemic

Overall this exhibition is a curation during the Covid-19 spread. Art performances are severely restricted by the global epidemic, and social distancing separates people from each other. However, the earth is quiet and people are moving. For Anthropologists on Mars is not only the interlace of physical on-site. Online exhibitions in the display mode, but also includes the artist’s transformation of the rapidly. Increasing home experience during the epidemic prevention into works. Or the presentation of the interior of the house. Rethinking of things.

The related interactive and responsive webpage works

Even allow viewers to browse the works at Kuwait Phone Number home, and even watch the picture-in-picture and the works within the works. For example, Qi Jian’s “Fish Tank” and Shi Yongjun’s “Home Theater” (Figure 2, Figure 3). However, “For Martian Anthropologists” is not a passive epidemic prevention measure, nor is it a simple digital reproduction of ordinary online performances and exhibitions, but a more active curatorial creation and creative curation.

Therefore I dropped the technical words escape and survival 

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In the title and used the word “proliferation” instead. “For Martian Anthropologists” Wuning is a clever combination of on-site and online exhibition interfaces under the premise of facing the provocation of the epidemic, social distancing but not breaking up friendships, and has future scalability; even if the epidemic subsides, this virtual and real interweaving model There is still unlimited room for development.

In the past, I often suffered from the inability to vividly review the existing art exhibitions in history. Now the exhibitions are permanently online, including a 720-degree environment virtual interface. Although I can’t visit the scene again in the future, I can still enjoy a high degree of restoration in the virtual world. As far as the collection is concerned, the viewer can browse.


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