There Are a Few Great Features Here for Local Businesses

created without the Local SEO plugin, it enforces responsive location pages with the proper structure, bells, and whistles.

It should be noted that this plugin is unlikely to propel you into local SEO nirvana, and almost all of this can be done manually. But it simplifies the inclusion of elements and helps apply the structure to localization pages. I’m also a big fan of the locator for multi-site businesses.

Our general advice here is to create location pages using the tool and make sure they link to your service pages. It’s quick and easy, and it ensures you have some really useful location pages.

Beyond WordPress: Local SEO Best Practices

While your website should be the center Germany Phone Number of your digital marketing universe, that’s not what your local SEO campaign is all about. In fact, there are at least three other key areas that are essential for success in local search results.

You need to take care of citations, reviews, and reputation and build links that will help build your authority in your topic and location.

We tend to see the best returns by getting your SEO and on-page citations, and then we can dig in to look at links and reputation.

WordPress for Local Business Websites

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Local shopping sites often don’t have much popularity or authority.

Sure, there can be links and authority. But often great results can .Be driven by strong on-page seo, detailing locations and services.And making your citations clean and consistent.

However, this can all fall apart if you have. Thorny technical issues that can crop up all too often in low budget .

WordPress websites that are built on the back of sometimes wonky themes.

By following the instructions here and taking .

Care of lightweight content.Citations, and reviews.You can get 90% of the way without worrying. .About links.

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