This Online Store Creation Platform Can Be Used by

3.1 1. Open shopify
3.2 2. Fill in email and password
3.3 3. Fill in the online store data
3.4 4. Add your address
4 ways to optimize shopify’s seo
4.1 1. Choose the right keywords so google can find your website
4.2 2. Use interesting keywords

Put the keyword in the right place

4.4 4. Connect your pages and content with internal links
4.5 5. Build backlinks on your shopify store
4.6 6. Use consumer reviews
4.7 7. Set redirects on all old product pages
4.8 8. Use blog features
4.9 9. Shopify has an automated sitemap, use t to make google indexing easier
5 conclusion
what is shopify?


Hong Kong Phone Number

shopify is a paid ecommerce web builder that can be used to create online stores ranging from product management, price inventory, payments, to shipping.

This online store creation platform can be used by Hong Kong Phone Number business owners who want to create their own online store if they do not have the ability to program websites.

To use this shopify, you can register your business on the official shopify website. Then, you can create an online store website through the dashboard that has been provided.

Shopify also offers three plans, namely basic shopify, shopify, and advanced shopify. You can also use the trial opportunity for 14 days before trying to use it officially.


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