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With the steady rise of mobile search, SEO practitioners today need to think about how to optimize both their websites and apps for mobile search visibility.

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update, released in April 2015, boosted mobile search results on pages with a good mobile user experience. In this sense, Google has sought to increase the visibility of app content in mobile search results through app indexing. It is therefore essential to have a strategic approach to our mobile optimization efforts, both on our websites and our applications.


Now more mature web and mobile app optimization tools make this


analysis possible and simple. For example, some of the tools I use (which I will talk about in this article) are:

  • For inter-web mobile competitive analysis : SimilarWeb.
  • For mobile app analytics : Mobile Action, SearchMan, SensorTower, and AppTweak.
  • For mobile web search Belgium Phone Number analytics: SEMrush , SISTRIX, OnPage.org, SEOmonitor and URL Profiler.

Use the tools above (or your preferred alternatives) to answer the following questions related to mobile web and app research – it will help you identify more opportunities and potential, as well as build a marketing strategy. effective optimization:


1. Who are the major web and mobile app competitors in your industry?


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Let’s start with the basics by identifying your competitors in mobile web and app search visibility. Are your competitors the same for mobile web and apps? Are they the same as your desktop search competitors?

To identify your mobile web competitors, you can use SEMrush or SISTRIX. Both have a “Competitors” report that includes a “Mobile” or “Smartphone Data” segment:


Something similar can be done to identify your top mobile app competitors with SearchMan and Mobile Action, with their respective “Like Competitors” and “Competitor Insights” reports:

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