UPS didn’t hire drivers and teach them how to provide customer

Who really needs top-quality content creation?

Rebecca Lieb: “It’s hard to think of a brand, product, or service that doesn’t need excellent content – and search is only the beginning.

Content can help customers decide that they need you, it can establish thought leadership and authority in your industry, or it can simply be so fun, amusing, and delightful that it makes customers and prospects like you more.

Perhaps they’ll even share it, amplifying your brand, reach, and message.”

Robert Rose: “In a word: Everyone. It matters not how big your business is, every business that seeks to create value for customers is as much a media company as they are in whatever business they started as.

But this is no secret of course, and so as I’ve said before, not every company will have a great content strategy – but every successful company will.

What should they look for in talented writers?

Lieb: “The ability to write in the style and tone of voice of the brand. As well as some subject matter knowledge and experience.

They don’t have to be PhDs on your subject matter – a good writer is adaptable – but by the same token, you probably wouldn’t hire a science writer to sell soft drinks, for example.”

Rose: “Answering this question with “writers that are talented” seems both unhelpful and circular, so I’ll perhaps answer the question [of] what you should prioritize.

I’m a firm believer in talent over subject matter expertise.

There’s an old saying (I don’t know if it’s true) that UPS List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers didn’t hire drivers and teach them how to provide customer service. They hired great customer service representatives and taught them how to drive.

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The same is true with writing.

In my business, I’ve always had much better success with hiring talented content creators and teaching them the business.”

How should they evaluate a writing portfolio?

Lieb: “Do you like the style and tone? Is it clean and professional? Is it broadly aligned with your subject matter, voice, and tone?

For example, if you’re a tech company, have they had other tech clients? If they mainly do CPG work, it might not be the right fit.”

Rose: “To me, a great writing portfolio is when I’m interested in reading. Even when I don’t care about the topic. When I look at a writing portfolio. I want great stories, compelling world-building, and solid characters – not just a neatly formatted view of the “facts.”

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