Website Operators Remove Products From Their Online Store

Browsers or crawlers are often unable to find a URL after website operators remove products from their online store or after changes are made to URLs. In such cases, the server returns a 404 (not found) error code. However, a high number of such errors consumes a large portion of the bot’s crawl budget. Webmasters should ensure that they regularly fix these errors (see also 5 – Monitoring). Orphan pages are pages that do not have internal inbound links but may have external links. The crawler cannot crawl these pages or is suddenly forced to stop crawling. Similar to 404 errors, you should also try to avoid orphan pages. These pages are often the result of web design errors or if the syntax of internal links is no longer correct.

The same goes for secure connections via . To avoid duplicate content

Advertising Continue reading Luxembourg Phone Number below 4. Avoid Duplicate Content According to Google, duplicate content is not a reason to take action against the respective website. However, this should not be taken to mean that duplicate content should remain on websites. If SEOs or webmasters don’t do anything about it, the search engine decides what content to index and which URLs to ignore based on the high similarity. Monitor and control how Google handles this content using these three metrics: 301 redirects: duplicate content can happen very quickly, especially if the version with www. and that without are indexed. The same goes for secure connections via . To avoid duplicate content, you should use a permanent redirect (301) pointing to the preferred version of the web page.

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There are various tools you can use to test your canonical tags.

This requires either modifying your. htaccess file accordingly or adding the preferred version in Google Search Console. Canonical tag: In particular, online stores run the risk of duplicate content simply because a product is available on multiple URLs. Solve this problem by using a canonical tag. The tag informs the Google bot of the original version of the URL that should be indexed. You should ensure that all URLs that should not be indexed have a tag pointing to the canonical URL in your source code. There are various tools you can use to test your canonical tags. These tools help you identify which pages have no canonical tags or which have broken canonical tags. Ideally, each page should have a canonical tag. Uniqueoriginal pages must have self-referencing canonical tags. rel=Alternate


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