When the different processes and organization systems of companies are transformed

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When the different processes and organization systems of companies are transformed, such as, for example, reverse logistics; the specialization of Latvia Phone Number supply chains , among others, is when the operations department emerges as the precise instrument to respond to the commitments and needs of customers in an efficient and sustainable manner. In its broadest sense, the operations department deals with the activities of creating goods and providing services carried out by all types of companies.

In its broadest sense

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Likewise, for a manufacturing company, goods will be transformed into finished products and, in service companies, these are transformed into finished services. In any case, this is where the figure of operations management comes into play. For several years, the term used to refer to this position was “ production management ” . However, the concept was modified to “ operations management” in order to also include service companies. Changes  more dynamic and competitive environments where technology plays a fundamental role.

Inesem business school master of lifelong learning in logistics and operations. Management + 60 ects credits more information this makes it essential that the operations. Department not only understand the goals and objectives of the business organization. But also must use this information to manage operations successfully. Being able to use technology to extract all the knowledge and information available. Which will allow you to carry out an analysis of the market. And know the impact of the measures adopted in the business. Functions of the operations department starting from the planning to the return of the product or


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