With it, the brand announces a video with a challenge that is

associated with a hashtag. In this way, users are encouraged to participate and reproduce it in their accounts. With this type of ad we would be able to be viral or trend. The result would be to enhance the content that the user has created much more quickly. Lastly we have the Branded Lenses . With this format, the brand creates its filter so that the community can use it and thus have visibility. How to create a campaign in Business Manager After registering in Business Manager we can create our first campaign. In the initial menu that appears, we will select “create campaign”.

To start doing it , we must choose the objective ,

just as we would do in the Facebook Business Manager. Our goal may be reach, where we would get as many people as possible to see our ad. On the other hand, we Norway Phone Number would have the objectives of consideration, which can be: Traffic, to send users to our website Install application, so that they download your app on their devices Video Views, where your videos would be sent. Another objective could be conversion, here we will redirect the traffic to the web that we want.

You can optimize your ad group by conversion, click,

Norway Phone Number

or impression. Depending on what you choose, your bids will be optimized to achieve the goal. If you choose conversion as your objective, your ad will be shown to the people who are most likely to end up converting. In order to choose this format, you must create a conversion event in the TikTok Library . After this we will segment the public to whom we want our ad to be directed. At the moment it is not very precise but we can choose geographical location, age, gender, interests and device. In addition, we can create custom audiences and both white and black lists. In the “settings” section

we can manage the budget for the campaign . In this case it would be the total of the campaign and not by ad group. You can control your ad spend and campaign run time, as well as the rate at which that budget is spent. Then , simply, you must include the URL where you want to redirect the audience and up to a maximum of 20 keywords . The last part, and the most important, is to name and images the campaign. The success of is due to the fact that they are short videos, between 20 and 60 seconds, very dynamic. That’s why this is where it’s time to get the most out of it. How do we get it? Creating a very creative and eye-catching ad. 

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